6CH 10A Ballast Dimming Module


Код: ITR500-001 Категория:


6CH 10A Ballast Dimming ModuleTR500-001 can dimming from 0V to 10V for per channel. The outputs for MAX 10A be switched ON or OFF on every output channel, also can manually switch. Control types include both input and output, so, Absorption and output type ballast can be connected to this module.

• 6 Channel 0-10V dimming and maximum 10A relay output for every channel. also can manually switch.

• The switch functions:

  • Statistical total ON time,
  • Status response,
  • Status recovery,
  • Upper limit,
  • Lower limit,
  • Staircase light,
  • Scene control,
  • Scene dimming,
  • Sequence control,
  • Threshold switch,
  • Heating actuator( PWM).


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