4CH 1.5A Universal Dimming Module


Код: ITR500-002 Категория:


4CH 1.5A Universal Dimming Module

ITR500-002 has 4 channel 1.5A dimming capability. It has short circuit, over load and heat protection.

• Labeling for AC power wires, loads wires and KNX Bus wire.
• Mount the device on a DIN rail of DB.
• Connect wires for loads and AC power.
• Make sure there is no circuit short or open.
• Make sure the KNX cable type is correct and has no circuit short.
• Connect KNX cables. Make sure the color is correct.
• Tidy the all Wire and separate KNX wire from AC power wire.
• The Dimmer Module can dimming for 4 channels independent loads.
• Leading Edge dimming or Trailing Edge dimming for dimmer.
• Parallel channels to form a larger current output.
• The dimmers may be used for dimming ordinary incandescent lamps, low voltage halogen lamps and other light sources which
support leading or trailing edge technology .
• The module functions: Statistics total ON time, Status response,
Status recovery, Over temperature protection, Read temperature,
Over temperature alarm, Staircase light, Flashing light, Scene
control, Scene dimming, Sequence control, Threshold control,
Heating actuator (PWM).
• Short circuit protection, over load protection, over Heat protection


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